Namewee 黃明志

Namewee Ultimatum to Asia 黃明志《亞洲通牒》
Logo Design / Album Design

The design concept behind Namewee’s “Ultimatum to Asia” album is a captivating and remarkable work of art. The album cover features a striking FBI “wanted” folder design, printed on craft paper and prominently featuring Namewee’s scarred face and body parts as if he were a fugitive. This design serves as a commentary on the current state of free expression in Asia, where censorship and punishment for speaking out are all too common.

But the album design is not limited to the cover. The CD holder is also uniquely crafted as a retro diskette, while the lyrics are printed on photo-sized art cards with Namewee himself inserted into different background photos, such as the “Bersih protest”, a Philippine prison, or a Japanese mini-mart. The credits list inside the album takes the form of a “wanted” profile, and the poster adopts a prison layout filled with witty and sarcastic terms. All of these elements work together seamlessly to create a comprehensive and thought-provoking design that perfectly complements Namewee’s bold and audacious music.

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